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Consistency Is Key | Ep. #14

December 4, 2017

Today we’re drinking Greenflash Passionfruit Ale and consistency with your business. Not being consistent can be detrimental to your business but not to worry. We have got plenty of info to help you out on your journey.

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • 0:00 – Review Greenflash Passionfruit Ale, story time, and chit-chat.
  • 6:32 - Jumping into the topic of the episode and BGC's favorite point when it comes to consistency
  • 9:53 - Consistency of your products and services
  • 11:12 - Consistency of being a small business owner and a leader
  • 12:57 - Basic uniform?
  • 16:14 - Consistency on the phone
  • 18:17 - Consistency on the line #DontSueUs
  • 22:50 - Your mission statement, your business plan, your promise with your company

The question of the episode!

What has a business done that turned you off to their products or services? 

Beer Review

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Greenfruit Passionfruit Ale


a pint of hoppiness (credit) 

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